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Find out more here about what's going on at the Sedgwick Museum. Every year the Museum is involved in big events such as the Science Festival, the Festival of Ideas and Twilight at the Museum. We also have plenty of activities in the Museum for families and individuals to enjoy as well as temporary exhibitions, workshops and other events throughout the year.

This year because Covid-19 we are putting our activites online instead of running events in the Museum

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The 'Ice Ages'

A re-display of the Museum’s ‘Ice Age’ bays, this new permanent exhibition uses the Museum’s collections from local areas to reveal Cambridge’s prehistoric past. The rocks and fossils of Cambridgeshire tell geological stories about its Ice Age history. Using material from three local sites, this exhibition explores the past 127,000 years of changing climate, animal and plant life. Specimens on display include the remains of elephants, hippos and hyena, alongside woolly mammoths and wolves.




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Back at the beginning of lock down the Getty museum challenged us to recreate famous works of art with objects from around the home (#GettyMuseumChallenge). As soon as I heard about it I knew I had to make the Duria Antiquior. Despite it’s size, you might have missed the ‘Duria’, high up on a wall in the Jurassic pond area of the museum.

University of Cambridge Museums (UCM) create 28 page Explore and Create pack for families in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.