The Wenlock Reef

This model of the Wenlock reef shows it as it would have looked when it was alive 420 million years ago.

Use your mouse to have a look around and identify the different creatures living on and around the reef. Click to find out more about each type of creature.

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Coral Reef
area 1
Reef dwellerCrinoids such as this Gissocrinus extend their delicate ‘arms’ into the water to feed.
area 2
worm and trilobite
Reef dwellerThe yellow segmented worm close to this trilobite probably lived on the reef but would not have been fossilised.
area 3
Reef builderThe skeleton of this solitary coral (Omphyma) will form part of the reef framework.
area 5
Reef builderThe skeletons of these bryozoans (Fistulopora) form part of the reef structure
area 6
shells of dead brachiopods
Reef builderThis cross section through the reef shows the shells of dead brachiopods incorporated into the limestone sediment.
area 7
Reef dwellerThe shells of these brachiopods (Atrypa) will become incorporated into the sediment when they die.

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