Coral reefs today

Use your mouse to explore the reef and find out more about the different types of animals which make up the reef community.

Coral Reef
area 1
Reef builderAs well as building the reefs, corals slow the flow of water over the reef, creating sheltered homes for other animals.
area 2
broken fragments of old coral and shells
Reef destroyerBroken fragments of old coral and shells accumulate on the reef.
area 3
small fish
Reef dwellerSmall fish are some of the many animals which shelter and feed among the corals in modern reefs.
area 4
Reef builderThe calcite skeletons of corals form the main structure of the reef.
area 5
Reef builderNew corals grow over the skeletons of older ones, creating huge, living mounds on the sea bed.

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