In a spacious 19th Century gallery, view our collection of fossils, rocks and minerals and bring the prehistoric world to life for your children and students. We offer free facilitated sessions for schools and community groups as well as a range of activities and resources to help you lead your own exploration of the museum.

School and Community Group Visits
The Museum welcomes groups of all ages. All group visits including self-led group visits require booking, for more information about what activities and resources we can offer, please look at our School and Community Group Visit page.

Teaching and Classroom Resources
To support your visit to the museum, we have a selection of taught sessions and classroom resources available to utilise.

Things To Do
Alongside our collection we have a range of activities for children to do to help explore some of the museum themes, from dinosaurs to crystals! To find out more of what’s on offer, please look at our Things To Do page.


Throughout the year, the Sedgwick Museum runs events for children and adults. To find out more about these, please look at our What’s On page.

The Education Team

Our teachers pack should answer all your questions about the Sedgwick Museum, but if there’s more you want to know, find out how to book a planning meeting with one of our Education Team.

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Oct 8, 2014

As part of the Museum's new exciting project arising from the recent award from Arts Council England Designation Development Fund, a project conservator, Rachel Howie, has been working on some of the Museum's most prized specimens with the aim of enhancing digital access to these special objects.

Sep 5, 2014

One of the most iconic of Cambrian age fossils from the famous Burgess Shale is a little (3.5 cm long) creature called Hallucigenia, which has been the subject of considerable controversy for several decades. Now, researchers, Martin Smith and Javier Ortega-Hernandez from the Department of Earth Sciences have reinvestigated this strange creature and its relationship to other animals.